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Lion's Head, Bruce Peninsula is a peaceful port village, located on the shores of Isthmus bay. Surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs which, when viewed from Georgian Bay, resemble the head of a lion, giving Lion's Head it's name. Lion's Head is also located at the 45th parallel - exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole.

One visit to Lion’s Head and you will want to make it a regular stop while visiting the Bruce Peninsula. When locals and visitors are asked to describe Lion’s Head, they typically pause and say “you can’t…it‘s a feeling“. There is a sense of serenity like you have just come home. The scenery is nothing less than stunning. The limestone cliffs rise from the turquoise Caribbean- coloured waters, and at sunrise and sunset, they have an amazing “pink” aura, due to the sun’s reflection.

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Parking In Lion's Head

The Municipality of NBP will be introducing paid parking in Lion's Head in 2021. 
You can check here for information on the paid parking

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Bear Tracks Inn

A country-style restaurant with cozy Inn and creative gift shop.

Lion's Head

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Lion's Head


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Lion's Head


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Lion's Head, Northern Bruce Peninsula


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Lion's Head Provincial Park

Lion's Head

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Ira Lake Provincial Park

Lion's Head

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Lyal Island Nature Reserve

Lion's Head


Black Creek Provincial Park

Lion's Head

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