So, You Are Coming to Tobermory!

Tobermory is located at the top of the Bruce Peninsula. Tobermory offers visitors fresh, clean air, gorgeous scenery, tranquil waters, and the darkest sky's in southern Ontario. Tobermory is almost surrounded by water - Lake Huron on one side and Georgian Bay on the other. It is a naturalist haven, having 2 national parks - Fathom Five National Marine Park and the Bruce Peninsula National Park - close by.

Tobermory is renown for it's natural setting, it is a photographers paradise. There are miles of forest - with tall pines and cedars. The majestic cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment carves it's way into Tobermory along the Georgian Bay coast - there is nothing more breath-taking than standing on a rock outcropping - towering 200' above the sea green waters of Georgian Bay! 

 Tobermory boasts the highest concentration of native orchids in North America - take a hike along the trails, and you maybe lucky enough to spot a rare Calypso Orchid - or a gorgeous Showy Ladies Slipper Orchid. The cliff faces in the Bruce Peninsula National Park contains some of Eastern North America's oldest living trees - the "cliff dwelling" white cedar. Tobermory is the epicenter of the Unesco Biosphere Designation.


  1. Fine / Casual (Grand View and The Princess)
  2. Casual Entertainment (Crows Nest and Bootleggers at Big Tub Lodge)
  3. Family (Ancient Cedars  at Cornerstone Golf Club, Shipwreck Lees, Leeside Restaurant)
  4. Fish (Craigie’s and The Fish & chip Place)
  5. Specialty (Mermaid Secrets)
  6. Pizza (Adventure Inn, Bakery, Deleroca Pizza and Tub House Pub)
  7. Sweets (Sweet Shop, Peninsula Supply and Beavertails)

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