Cycling on the Bruce Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula is a perfect place for cycling. There are peaceful quiet roads to cycle on, or trails for those who wish to go "off-roading". Where ever you choose to ride, there will be magnificent scenery surrounding you.

There are many spots to cycle on the Bruce Peninsula
Here is just one suggestion:

Dyer's Bay to Cabot Head Lighthouse:

From Dyers Bay, there is a gravel road which winds along the shores of Georgian Bay towards Cabot Head Lighthouse, providing a wonderful vista of the escarpment on either side of you for your entire journey. To your left, is a dense forest of cedars, poplars and other trees, on your right, a rock beach stretches out before you ,disappearing into the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. Half way to your destination is a beautiful waterfall, the water tumbling from the forest into the bay. At the end of your journey you will be treated with some beautiful views of Georgian Bay and the Lighthouse awaits your discovery.

Tobermory Route:

Starting Point -  Little Tub Harbour, go to Highway 6 and turn right, heading north to the T junction. Nice view of the bay can be seen here. This is known locally as the Gap and is a favorite swimming place. Turn left on the Big Tub Road and follow it past cottages on Tobermory's other harbour, Big Tub. At the bottom of the steep hill you will get glimpses of the head of the harbour where two shipwrecks lie. Continue around the other side of the harbour until the road ends. Big Tub Lighthouse sits proudly marking the entrance to the harbour. There are lots of storm-strewn boulders to climb, good swimming and usually lots of scuba divers investigating the rocky ledges. A solar powered washroom is close by.